Nursing Home Vs. In Home Care

Learn what distinguishes in home care from care in a nursing home.

There are times when a nursing home is the best solution for a senior who requires advanced care and support. More times than not, however, necessary supports and services can be provided in the comfort and convenience of the senior's own home. Statistically, in home care is the number one form of care for American seniors, and family caregivers are the primary source of that care.

The challenge arises when family caregivers cease to have the time, skills, or training to provide the level of care their loved one requires. In these cases, most family caregivers consider moving their loved one to a nursing home. Today, there is another option: professional in-home care.

What Distinguishes In Home Care?

Professional in home care refers to medical and non-medical supports and services provided to a senior in their residence. While a nursing home provides these supports along with access to advanced medical care 24-hours a day, not every senior requires this much support. Also, within the nursing home environment, supports follow a standardized routine as part of an institutional schedule. In home care aides provide their care according to a senior's needs and personal routine. The amount, time, and extent of this care are dependent on a customized care plan designed to meet a senior's unique requirements.

Nursing homes are expected to be safer than a senior's home, but in-home caregivers can help make the senior's home a very safe and efficient care environment as well. There may be a few necessary adjustments, but often they are as simple as adding handles and bars in bathrooms, removing or tightly securing rugs and carpets, and adding motion sensors to lights. Seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's disease may require technology support, such as pressure mats by their bed or sensors on doors and windows to prevent wandering. 

The greatest fear seniors have about nursing homes is their loss of independence. Of course, the loss of independence can take place at home, too. In fact, tens of millions of Americans require support for at least one daily living activity, and, according to the Centers for Disease Control, up to 75 percent of seniors over the age of 65 require support for more than one condition requiring long-term care or assistance. In the end, the difference is not the need for assistance, but the manner and location in which it is provided.

Comfort Keepers in-home care providers strive to meet seniors where they are at and provide the care that is needed in a manner most accepted by the senior. By personalizing the services, caregivers get to know the senior as a person and interact with them on a social, emotional, and cognitive level. In short, Comfort Keepers discreet and private care does more than just meet a senior's physical care requirements, it preserves independence while maximizing their quality of life. 


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