In Home Elderly Care for Transitioning from a Hospital Stay in Germantown, TN

Improve recovery time with in home elderly care in Germantown, TN & surrounding ares

After being discharged from the hospital, seniors need to move back to their homes where they can rest and recover from undergoing hospital care. The transitioning process, however, is no easy task, especially for the elderly. This is why transitioning home care services are essential for most residents of Germantown, TN. Comfort Keepers, one of the leaders in the U.S. care industry, can help make sure that your senior loved one lives comfortably and happily with the help of in home elderly care to ensure a faster recovery.

How Residents of Germantown, TN Benefit from in Home Elderly Care

The elderly who decide to get transitioning home services from Comfort Keepers are likely to have their risks of being readmitted to the hospital significantly reduced. This is all thanks to the fact that our caregivers, through in home elderly care, prevent medication errors and maintain good communication with physicians and other medical professionals who are part of the senior’s care plan. They are able to have a more comprehensive understanding of what it takes to make sure that the patient is able to recover after an operation or a long stay at the hospital.

Our in home elderly care services will naturally include all the necessary tasks to ensure that your loved one lives comfortably during the recovery period. This includes light housekeeping, running errands, preparing meals, and even safe transportation for visits to the clinic. These caregivers will also make sure that your loved one is always groomed.

While caregivers are more oriented with non-medical care, they will prove useful in making sure that your loved one’s medication is followed properly. This means that they can pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy as well as make sure that the medicine is applied at the right time and the right dosage.

Finally, we’ll make sure that your senior loved one lives in a safe environment while he or she recovers. We’ll clear the home of clutter and remove anything that may contribute to the risk of accidents. Better lighting might also be added to ensure visibility and safety for the senior.

Should your senior loved one wish to continue to receive care after the transitioning home care ends, he or she can opt for our other in home elderly care services available in Germantown, TN. Contact us or call (901) 207-8209 to learn more about our personalized services and more.


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