Nursing Home Vs. In Home Care

Learn the key differences between care at a nursing home and care from an in home care provider.

As seniors get older, they may require a higher level of care. In many cases, they will consider a nursing home or in home care to meet their needs. While nursing homes and in home care both share the common goal of helping senior citizens live a higher quality of life, there are some differences between the two. 

Key Differences Between Nursing Home Care and In Home Care

Some of these differences include:

Constant One-on-One Attention vs. Occasional Attention

In home care gives seniors one-on-one attention from a highly trained caregiver. In nursing homes, the amount of seniors almost always outnumber the caregivers, making it difficult for them to receive the care and attention they need when they need it.

Customized Services vs. One Size Fits All Approach

Caregivers who provide home care offer customized services to their senior clients. If your senior has Alzheimer’s disease or another condition, a caregiver can tailor their services to meet your older loved one’s specific needs. Nursing homes, however, often use a “one size fits all” approach, giving all older adults the same type of care and attention.

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