End of Life Care vs. Palliative Care in Olive Branch, MS

Learn about the differences between end of life care and palliative care for your aging loved one living in Olive Branch, Mississippi

Often referred to as comfort care, palliative care is a care plan made to assure a good quality life of seniors suffering from certain illnesses. These health issues do not necessarily have to be terminal, meaning that the comfort care can be provided for only a certain amount of time.

Basic palliative care services are commonly provided by non-medical staff, such as the members of the clergy, social workers, massage therapists, etc. However, depending on the severity of the medical condition of the senior, the palliative care team might also include physicians and nurses.

Unlike palliative care that is usually temporary, end of life care lasts until the patient passes. While the comfort care is designed to provide cosiness and help with recovery, the end of life care is there to ensure dignity of terminally-ill patients in their final days. In fact, the care services provided by Comfort Keepers in Olive Branch, MS are something that usually lasts between six months to a couple weeks.

Another difference between end of life care and palliative care is that the latter can be combined with other types of care, mainly medical. The end of life care is provided only once the other treatments have stopped. Furthermore, the hospice support also involves certain services that are not a part of palliative care. For instance, the passing senior can be administrated sedatives that would ease their pain.

Comfort Keepers home care providers also focus on the wellbeing of the family members of the dying person. We can be there to provide counseling and help with non-medical tasks, such as housekeeping. Caregivers can take care of errands such as vacuuming, doing the dishes, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and so on. On top of that, Comfort Keepers in Olive Branch, MS can also do the physical work related to the personal care of the passing senior. Those tasks involve everything from providing assistance with eating to bathing and grooming.

To summarize, palliative care is a set of services designed to improve the quality of life of a patient with a severe medical condition. If the patient successfully recuperates, the need for comfort care might seize. If the patient is terminally ill, the end of life care will ensure their dignity in the final days of their life.

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