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Comfort Keepers Incontinence Care at Home for Seniors in Memphis, TN

Our Personalized Senior Care at Home for Memphis Seniors

Incontinence care can be difficult for family members and it can be something that seniors don’t want to admit they have. For senior’s incontinence can be an embarrassing and demoralizing problem that might make them reluctant to ask for help or even tell their family members that they are experiencing.  At Comfort Keepers of Memphis, TN we understand that every person has an inner spark that age and illness cannot take away. Our goal not only to fulfill daily care needs, but also bring a sense of hope, connectedness, purpose, and most importantly joy in your senior loved one’s lives.

Elevating the Quality of Life for Memphis Seniors

If your senior loved one in Memphis or the surrounding areas begins experiencing incontinence, we recommend keeping a journal of the occurrence to help your loved one’s doctor diagnosed the cause of the problem. In-Home care at home provider from Comfort Keepers can help your senior loved one maintain a log, but more importantly, assist with keeping them comfortable and dry throughout the day or night.

Many different things can cause incontinence in seniors but keeping track of it can help your senior loved one’s doctor figure out the cause and come up with a treatment plan. While this is happening, your senior loved one can benefit from care at home caregiver who can help with laundry, personal care, and can give your loved one the discreet assistance they need to not feel embarrassed.

Medications can also cause incontinence in seniors. Some sleeping pills and anxiety medications list incontinence as a possible side effect. If you notice that your senior loved one experiences incontinence after starting a new medication be sure to bring that up with your loved one’s doctor.

Compassionate Care at Home from Comfort Keepers of Memphis, TN

Our senior caregivers understand the need for compassionate care at home are committed to helping your senior loved one maintain their dignity and personal pride. When your senior loved one is suffering from incontinence the best thing that you can do is to be compassionate and kind without being judgmental. We understand that adult children want their parents to participate in life, have joy and happy moments – no matter their physical or mental state, no matter how older, even with acuity needs.

Quality of life represents a combination of health, comfort, and happiness. When our at home caregivers plan a day’s activities, they keep these four mainstays in mind. Whether care is needed for 4 hours a week up to 24 hours per day, Comfort Keepers of Memphis, TN is ready to help.

Our experienced senior care at home providers will also coordinate and collaborate with healthcare providers including skilled agencies, hospice and senior care facilities to build personalized plans, and employ technology to help keep clients protected and connected.

If your senior loved one in the Memphis, TN area needs in-home care in order to remain healthy and happy at home call Comfort Keepers today to talk about a custom care plan based on your senior loved one’s needs.  


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